Risk management

Risk management continuing education

Through TMLT's Risk Management Department, TMIC policyholders can take CME courses to help reduce medical liability risk. Our continuing education resources include home-study programs, online courses, and seminars.

Visit our CME site for courses published in our newsletter the Reporter. You can also earn credit by reading one of our Case Closed  books, which feature claim studies from malpractice claims. Video courses are also available.

Practice review

TMLT’s Risk Management Department conducts on-site practice reviews to help determine risk exposures in your practice, at no cost to TMIC policyholders. Reviews can be conducted without disrupting patient appointments or normal business operations.
During a scheduled practice review, a TMLT risk management professional visits your practice to:

  • tour and assess the practice for patient safety concerns;
  • review medical records for strengths and weaknesses;
  • review policies and procedures;
  • meet with physicians and health care providers to discuss findings; and
  • prepare a recommendation report.

To request a practice review or find out about risk management resources available at no cost to our policyholders, please call 800-580-8658.